Saturday, November 12, 2016


©2016 by Jim Bauer
Under a bridge, an image of graffiti.

Want to use this image in your content creation? I keep the rules simple here. Feel free to use any image you find here, just provide a link back in your image source and we'll call it done.

The best things in life are free. Of course, that is not to say that any of these images are worth a damn. But someone may find a use for them.

Rules for modifying images here? You know, the whole idea of this site is to simply provide a sampling of pictures. If you want to modify any of them through cropping or other ways, feel free to do that too. I am not a professional photographer, and the point of this site is not to make money from any photos, but simply to snap shots of what I find interesting and share them with you either for the enjoyment of looking at them, or the enjoyment of using them without having to worry about copyrighted content and getting flagged for using something you find on the Internet.

Ford Logo

©2016 by Jim Bauer
God love a Ford. Wanna talk about this great company? Your love of Ford cars and trucks? The state of the company? History? Need a picture of a Ford Logo to complete it all? Here's one you can use.

The rules of this site are as they have always been. Feel free to use any of the images I post here in your blogs or wherever you may have a use for them. Just provide a link back to this site and let those you share it with know where you got it.

That is it. Simple and done. And free. Who can argue with that?

Barren Road

©2016 by Jim Bauer

In my travels looking for rock quarries to sell parts to in my job, there were often stone country roads leading up to them, and sometimes the travels got to be pretty, rocky, dare I say. How many times did I find myself in the boonies looking for these places? Quite often. And here was one of those roads leading to one.

The rules for this site are as they have always been. Feel free to use these images, just provide a link back to this site in your image source and we'll call it good. The fun of a site like this is simply the sharing part. Why should you have to pay for images? At least, that has always been my thought. Enjoy them. Share them. Just tell those you share with where you got it.

Beer Tap Heaven

©2016 by Jim Bauer
It has been a while since I have updated Springboard Images. But it does not mean I have considered the site dead, nor does it mean I have stopped clicking pics whenever I see an opportunity to do so. So here it the latest installment, of which there will be more to come. This one was actually taken, if memory serves me right, at the Yard House in Kansas City. God love a bar with so many taps. This is a beer drinker's heaven right there, let me tell you.

The rules remain the same as they always have been here. You can use these images in your blogs or other content posts. Just be sure to provide a link back to this site as the image source and we'll call it good.