Sunday, December 29, 2013

Big Savings

Copyright © 2010 by Jim Bauer
Just me posing in front of a giant pig piggy bank. As do most of the photos here, there are many different uses for such a photo. I will often use photos like this when talking about money matters, and when offering up a batch of financial opinion or advice.
As is the rule with all of the photos here, you can use them on your blog, in a bubble, on a hub, lens, or wherever else you feel it will fit what you are looking for. All I ask is that a link back to this site be provided, and acknowledge the copyright. That's it. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Great Man

Copyright © 2009 by Jim Bauer

This is a picture of my late grandfather, James Lee Maynard who died a few years back at the ripe old age of 93 years old. He was a great man, full of wisdom and wit, and I thought I would share his image here. He liked his brandy, but he also liked think about health, thus the water bottle. This picture has a lot of uses as well.
Image credit is as follows:
Image copyright © 2009 by Jim Bauer.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Copyright © 2013 by nicomp
Okay, I will readily admit it. Nicomp as he is affectionately called, said I could steal this photo since Google will steal it anyway. This is just par for the course when it comes to this character. I first met him on HubPages, and I have to tell you the guy just has a way with funny. His posts were always 100% good, and 100% witty, and of course 100% funny. So I have just done what he said. I stole it just like Google probably will and decided to put it here, in this forum, this place I call Springboard Images.
Now this cat has found his way to Bubblews. A fine site of course.
As such, the rules are a bit different for the use of this photo than usually applies to the other photos you will find here. Please include the following image credit when using this photo:
Image copyright © 2013 by nicomp.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Keeping the Fire Alive

Copyright © 2009 by Jim Bauer
Despite this photo being a little bit blurry, I think it still has use and can convey a variety of things. Fall fun, for example, time with family, having a late season barbeque. Of course, as all images go, it is entirely up to you and your imagination how you may find a fitting purpose for this.
To use this photo all I ask is for you to provide a link back to this site. Here is how you can acknowledge the image source:
Image copyright © 2009 by Jim Bauer. Used by permission from

Front and Center

Copyright © 2009 by Jim Bauer

How often do you think, the cat is the center of attention in your house? The cat, of course, rules the roost and it is her way or the highway almost 100% of the time. This picture is of the wifey and I's cat, Sneakers. Also known as Sneaky Bop, The Bopster, or just plain Sneaky. She answers, by the way, to all of these.

As are all of the images that appear here, feel free to use them as you wish. All I ask is that you link back to this site simply by saying something to the effect of the following:

Image is copyright © 2009 by Jim Bauer. Used by permission from
The same rule applies to all photos that appear on this site. By the way, want to submit your own photo here? Send it to and simply put SUBMIT PHOTO SPRINGBOARD in the subject line and I would be more than happy to put it here and provide a link back to you.
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