Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bubblews Photographers

I thought I would just take a moment to call out on the many fantastic photographers that show up on the website—and by the way, this is a great site you ought to check out in any event if you've never been there. We (the Bubblers) are always in search of great, free images to use for our posts. I post my own photos here and use them often on my own posts at Bubblews. Of course, backlinks are always a good deal for us as well as it helps us to rank a little higher in the search engines like Bing and Google.

So, if you want to post your photos here it is a really simple process. Send the photo to and insert "Bubblews Photos" into the subject line so I can easily find it. Of course, make sure you attach the photo and above all else, please make sure it is yours before you send it my way. As well, provide a link to your profile page. I will be happy to post your photo on these pages, and make a link back to you directly. Also tell me the year of the copyright.

Of course, all of the images used here are free to use regardless of their source. All you need to do to use any of them is to provide a link back to this site and PLEASE also provide copyright information giving credit to the original photographer.

Some pictures that have appeared here from other Bubblers so far?

Riverbank provided by Nicomp.

No Way To The Door

Copyright © 2011 by Jim Bauer
No doubt winter this year has really stunk. No two ways about it. Granted, this little picture was taken back in February of 2011 when we had that major blizzard blow through town. But even that year, despite the big dump, it still wasn't nearly as harsh nor nearly as cold as it has been this year. What with polar vortexes and arctic fronts? Yeesh! This is really beginning to get rather old, and the weather has been crappy since back in October.
Oh well. One more day closer to warm sunshine and the cool breezes of summer. Cool, but not cold.
This image is free to use as you wish on a blog, in a bubble, or wherever else you may see fit. All I ask is a simple link back to this site, and noted copyright information. That's it.
If you care to, check me out on Bubblews:

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Talking Like A True Pinnochio

Copyright © 2013 by Jim Bauer
In truth I should be completely embarrassed to even share this little depiction here of a liar. I was writing a post on BubbleWs about politicians, "If Politicians Were More Like Pinnochio," and I just could not find any free stock photos that quite fit the bill.
So I sat down and drew this guy, which is no doubt a crude picture to say the least, but may still have some use in something you wish to use it for.
Do you like the way I left the nose open? Sort of to indicate a liar is perpetual, never ending, always in action, and so the nose never truly reaches an end.
This image is free for use as are all of the images you will find here. All I ask is that you provide a link back to this site, and of course give credit where credit is due (that means simply denote the copyright information).