Saturday, November 9, 2013


Copyright © 2013 by Jim Bauer
This is a photo I took that I played around a little bit with. I think that is sometimes part of the fun of photography. Just doing a few simple things can really have a huge impact on changing the dynamic of the picture. In this case all I did was take a simple picture and enlarge it to the point that it actually made it more blurry, almost like a pastel painting. But there is perhaps a story in this picture.
As for what this picture could be used for. I think all images, whether they be photographic images or paintings are open to the interpretation of the person viewing it. So it could be used in many different ways.
This picture is actually a city-owned, abandoned property. I took it while on the job, and decided to post it here. As are all of the images you will find on this site, this image is free for use on your own web page, in blogs or articles, or if you happen to be on Bubblews or some similar site, you can use this image there as well.
The only catch? Please link back to this site citing it as the source of the image, and please note the copyright information as well. I have many images to add to this site, and hope you are enjoying what is here so far.
Any comments about the site? Let me know. Any types of images you'd like to see here? Let me know. You can leave a comment here, or you can also email me at Just put "Springboard Images" in the subject line and I'll be sure to put it at the top of the heap.

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