Monday, October 14, 2013


Copyright © 2009 by Jim Bauer
This is a picture I took of the front of my house which was edited to black and white, skewed, and then only the flag was colorized. It could be used for any patriotic blog theme or article. I used it in one of my editorials I wrote on Hub Pages. You can find that editorial entitled, "Profile of a Patriot," by clicking here if you would like to read it.
I also used it in posing a question on WebAnswers where I asked, "How does this photo represent American pride?" There were actually some interesting answers to that question which could give you some ideas for uses. The answer can be found here.
Feel free to use this image in your Internet content. It is for use free of charge. All I ask is that a link back be provided back to Springboard Images, and that the copyright information be noted when using it.

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