Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Jacksons

Copyright © 2009 by Jim Bauer
Who doesn't like money? It's almost like pizza, you know? Ask someone if they like pizza, and there are few who will say no. I took this picture just having fun with the camera. Sometimes that happens in a moment of boredom. Of course, this picture can be used in a blog or article about the economy, printing of money, or anything money related really.
This is free use image. Use it as you like. Just please provide the copyright information when using it, and of course provide a link back to this site.
As well, I am all for link sharing. If you have an original picture that you have taken, and would like me to post it here, you can send the image via email to and type SPRINGBOARD IMAGES in all caps in the subject line. Provide the year and your name so I can put the correct copyright information under the picture. And provide link you would like me to include in the post. So long as the picture and the link are not inappropriate, I will be more than happy to provide a link to you here.

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